Avoiding Fall Run Down

As fall makes its way back around, it brings all of those fun fall activities with it. Pumpkin/apple picking, sports games, holiday preparations, etc. This time of year is fun and festive, but it is important to have set boundaries for yourself. It is possible to become overwhelmed by back-to-school nights, trick-or-treating festivities, your child’s sports games every weekend, football viewing parties, PTA meetings, carpools, work responsibilities, and not to mention planning/shopping for the upcoming holidays. Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself from being run down this fall season:

1. Notice How Much You Are Committing To

How busy is work for you in the next few months? Can you handle snack prep for your child’s sports team each week on top of work responsibilities? How many football viewing parties are you hosting? It is wonderful to say yes to things that help others and enrich your life. Sometimes we find it hard to say no when favors are asked of us. Be realistic about what you can handle. If you are traveling for work this month, maybe give yourself a break from carpool for those weekend sports games. Try writing down a list of everything you commit to each month. If you feel overwhelmed looking at the list, chances are you signed up for more responsibilities than you would like. Decide how many items you would like the list to be and make it a priority to stick to that number next month.

2. Keep Self-Care in Mind

The importance of self-care cannot be stressed enough, especially if you are a parent. Are you getting in the number of workouts you would like to each week? What is preventing you from doing so? Make a list of personal goals that you have for yourself. Can you work on these goals with the things you have scheduled for the next few months of fall? Always make yourself a priority. You will find that you have a much more giving and generous spirit when you feel confident from reaching your goals.

3. Focus on Fun

Whatever commitments you are signing yourself up for this season, make sure they are ones that you enjoy! Whether it’s being a parent chaperone on the school field trip to the pumpkin patch or signing up to be an assistant football coach, make sure you are participating things that you feel personal gain from. It will make the busy season much more manageable and provide you with some fun memories along the way.

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