How to Handle Stress When Misfortune Occurs

Misfortune catches all of us at some point in time. It can happen to the best of us- no matter what you’ve done to make your life the best it can be. But, when misfortune does strike, it can bring you down. It may ever bring you down to the lowest you have ever been. Your momentum is halted, your self-confidence is shredded and your mind may spin in circles.

You can’t just snap your fingers and keep bad fortune from you and your loved ones. And there is no “magic” pill that you can buy to make all of your worries go away. But you can prepare.

One way to prepare yourself for life stress is to expect the best, prepare for the worst, and know that if hardship hits, you will be able to draw from an inner strength you didn’t even know you had. If you prepare for the worst, you are better able to accept the circumstances and are ready to deal with them.

When you come face-to-face with hardships, you need to ask your, “What exactly can I do to create a positive outcome from this negative occurrence? How can this incident work for me in an influential way rather than against me in an unbeneficial way?” By doing this, no only do you increase your inner confidence, but you significantly boost your overall energy. By meeting these challenges face-to-face and making possibilities out of life’s obstacles, you are able to move forward in life toward your goals. Plus, you gain strength so that when you face another obstacle down the road, you are able to deal with it successfully.

If you look at hardships in this light, you quickly realize that a calamity is not a barrier but a bridge that takes you on a road to a greater life. When one door closes, another door opens and this is exactly the case with hardships- a new door is opening. Don’t shut the door and push everything behind you. Stand up tall, face calamity head-on, and create a positive outcome.

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